History of Football

The game of football has ancient roots. Indigenous Australians played kicking and catching games with stuffed balls. In the late 15th century, English explorer John Davis played football with the Inuit in Greenland. They played a game called Aqsaqtuk, which means “game ball”. The game involved two teams standing in parallel lines with a ball in each side. The objective was to kick the ball through the opposing team’s line. Some historians have suggested that this is the origin of Australian rules football.

Modern Football is immensely popular in the United States. There are two teams, each of which is made up of eleven players. Because of its demanding nature, teams play once a week, and the players need several days in between games to recover. This makes football a highly competitive sport with intense fandom. Fans of both sports obsess over the outcome of every game. However, the game has its fair share of controversy. As you can imagine, football is extremely popular in many parts of the world.

History of the game of football dates back to ancient times. While the earliest football games may have been played as far back as ancient Greece, modern football codes appear to have originated in England and western Europe. The game’s history is littered with examples of violent violence and riotous behavior. In the 15th century, English public schools, for example, were the first to recognize the need for change in the sport. They established the first rules and made the distinction between kicking and carrying the ball.