The Basics of Football


Football is the most popular sport in the world, with billions of people watching and playing. It has hundreds of thousands of clubs worldwide, and is a very competitive sport. The game has been around for hundreds of years, and many people enjoy playing it. Those with a competitive streak may find it an ideal sport.

Football involves dribbling and shooting the ball towards the opponent’s goal. It can be played with as few as seven players or as many as eleven. Players must have the appropriate protective gear and wear shin pads. Goalkeepers must be able to defend the goal. Players can make up to three substitutions during the game.

Field goals are another way to score points. They are worth three points and are often attempted by teams on fourth down. In order to score a field goal, a team must feel that their special teams kicker is within kicking range of the goal post. A team can also earn two points by tackling an opponent in the end zone, called a safety.

Football began in England in 1863, with players playing against one another on the field. This competition started in London, and the first game was played there. The game was originally played with leather balls, which were wrapped in an animal bladder. In 1863, the first Football association in England was formed. This group of schools voted to make changes to the rules of the game. Some of these changes included banning the use of hands in play, standardized ball weight, and dividing the game into rugby and association football.