The Basics of Football


Typically, the object of the game is to score more points than your opponent in 90 minutes. The best way to do this is to kick the ball between the goal posts.

Having said that, there are numerous subtypes of football. For instance, the team with possession of the ball may spend most of the game in a specific position. There are also special teams that are tasked with earning extra points.

Among other things, the Laws of the Game describe 17 ‘rules’ that are designed to be applicable to all levels of play. The best part about these rules is that they are incredibly simple to understand and apply.

In the most basic sense, there are two main teams, the offense and the defense. The offense tries to score points while the defense attempts to stop the other team’s progress. The defense gets the ball back by forcing turnovers or by punting the ball.

The field of play consists of two end zones and a midfield area. The center is the offensive line player and is responsible for throwing the ball to the quarterback.

The goalkeeper is the player who is in charge of keeping the ball out of the opponents’ end zone. The center also plays the ball through the legs of the quarterback.

In the modern game, the number of players in each position has a lot to do with the style of play. More forwards and fewer defenders create a more aggressive game.