The Basics of Football


A game of football has many elements. The most popular is the strategy between coaching staffs. Players also often run all over the place. There are also various plays that have potential for turnover.

In football, each team has a playbook of dozens to hundreds of plays. The head coach calls field plays for the attacking team. For the defense, the defensive captain calls the field plays.

After each down, the ball is turned over to the team that started it. This resets downs and the next team has a chance to move 10 yards or more. If they do not, the down is reset.

If the ball is recovered by the defending team, they receive two points. They can also try to kick an extra point. To kick a field goal, they have a chance to kick the ball through the crossbar and score three points.

The offensive team may have a few penalties in the end zone. These penalties include illegal block in the back, holding, and pass interference. Pass interference is when a player makes contact with the opposing players in the back, preventing a forward pass.

Safety is scored by the defensive team when the offensive player is tackled in the end zone. This is also called an interception. Once a defensive player makes an interception, they have a chance to run with the ball.

An incomplete pass is known as a forward pass that touches the ground before being caught. An offensive player who loses the ball out of bounds is referred to as a fumble. Another play that can result in a fumble is a blocking foul.