The Benefits of Sports


Sports have always been part of the human experience. Whether you participate in them or watch them, the outcome can affect your mood, your thoughts and even your relationships.

A sport is a competitive event in which one person or group is trying to defeat another in a specified time period. Some people will keep participating in a particular sport throughout their lifetimes. Others will stop.

The origin of the word sport is hard to determine. It may have been borrowed from the Old French, “desporter,” meaning to play. The word came into vogue in the mid-to-late 1500s.

Although there is no consensus on how sports started, many claim the advent of modern sports in the late 17th century as the beginning of this age of organized games. There was a definite semantic shift during this era, however, from the awe-inspiring feats of the Renaissance to the quantitative achievement of the modern era.

One of the most important benefits of playing or watching sports is the mental health boost they provide. Not only do you get to be active, you also improve your analytical skills and gain the satisfaction of being involved in a positive activity.

There are two major classes of sports: those that are physically demanding and those that aren’t. In general, a physically demanding sport includes motorsports and equestrian.

On the other hand, a non-physically demanding sport includes swimming and gymnastics. Those who have the most success in these sports may well have a better understanding of their own bodies.