The Dangers of Football


Football has become a popular spectator sport in many parts of the world. There are many ways to watch and enjoy the game, but few are as entertaining as soccer. In a game involving several players, a referee is the key to success. In addition to being the timekeeper, he controls the ball, and is assisted by two assistants. Assistants patrol the touchlines and signal when the ball is out of play or when a player is offside.

The offensive team must move the ball 10 yards or more within four downs. If it does not, the kicker must place the ball between the goalpost and the crossbar. The kicker is required to score touchdowns on fourth down, and a safety is scored when the opposition travels backwards into its own end zone or steps out of bounds in the endzone. The game lasts for four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes.

In England, the issue of professionalism reached a crisis in 1884 when the FA expelled two clubs for using professional players. By the next year, payment for players became widespread and was sanctioned by the FA. The English lower classes were unhappy about the situation and took refuge in other sports, including cricket and rugby union. While this did not cause as many concussions as it does today, many people still believe that football is harmful. There are many dangers associated with the game and the number of concussions reported last year is slightly higher than usual.