The Evolution of Sports


While transnational corporations are attempting to sell any type of product to any consumer in the world, Sports has been marketed to the world by multinational companies. Today, Sports are not only sources of pleasure but also symbols of prestige, power, and distinction. There are two basic types of sports, core and periphery. In the core group are the United States, Russia, Australia, and South Korea. The periphery group consists of the majority of African and Asian nations.

Historically, sports have evolved from hunting, which is the oldest form of sport. Hunting was an ancient pastime, but the modern game dates back to the 17th century. The earliest known representation of hunting can be found in prehistoric art, which depicts hunters pursuing their prey with joy. Ancient civilizations later developed hunting as a separate activity, but its development is not fully understood. Today, sports have been influenced by the growth of science and technology.

Modern sports focus on quantitative achievement, but aesthetic values still survive in some sports. A great example of the shift from Renaissance to modern sports is in the term “measure.” In the past, the word measure referred to a sense of balance and proportion. Now, it refers to the numerical values of certain measures. Consequently, the modern game of football has become synonymous with competitiveness. While this shift in emphasis is striking, the aesthetics of sports remain in many forms.