The Growth of Football in Africa


The growth of Football in the twentieth century is an indication of the inequality between the wealthy and the poor. Although football is a global sport, its development in Africa is a microcosm of the wider inequality between the rich and the poor. Although players in Africa are more likely to be tied to long-term contracts with clubs, players from other continents are often free to move. Even today, however, the wealth of the northern and Asian teams means that the top players are mostly owned by their agents.

There are many rules and nuances associated with the game. Football has three phases. There is offense and defense. A team’s offense begins with a kickoff, which is a series of passes and field goals. A team can also score points on any down, but the score is not necessarily determined on the first play. In addition to the formation, the players use different types of gear during play. Some players wear gloves during games, while others wear helmets to protect their heads from the contact.

The offensive team puts the ball into play by snapping the ball. The offensive center then passes the ball between the legs to one of its teammates, which is called a pass. Another method of running with the ball is known as rushing. Once the ball reaches the team’s receiver, the ball-carrier may hand off the ball to another player. If the offensive team fails to make the catch, the other team has the option to score.