The Rules of Football


While both rugby and football are of European origin, the two sports have taken divergent paths. Both sports became an integral part of a nation’s identity and, consequently, have deep national pride. Many people have strong feelings about their preferred form of the game and may even be overly protective of it. Many people will argue about which form is the “real” football, but you should know that there is no such thing. Here are the most important rules of the game.

The object of football is to advance the ball as far as possible through an opponent’s ‘end zone’. This can be done through either running with the ball until tackled or passing it downfield. A team consists of 45 players, including a quarterback who calls plays. In a game of football, each team is assigned an area on the field and must move the ball forward by a certain number of yards. In the end, the winning team will score a touchdown.

The game is divided into four quarters of fifteen minutes. The first quarter lasts for two minutes, while the second and third quarters take another fifteen minutes. During the second half, a player can make one play in a row or pass an opponent. The second half is played in a similar fashion to a soccer game. A football game lasts for four quarters. As such, a full game will last roughly three hours and twenty minutes.