A Beginner’s Guide to the Game of Football

Football is a team sport where teams of 11 players compete to score more points than their opponents. It is played on a rectangular field that is divided into two halves by a goal line.

Rules and Game Description

The game is controlled by a referee who calls out “go” or “no go” when a player is offside (on the wrong side of the field). Each team is allowed unlimited substitutions during the playing time.

Positions and Roles

There are many different positions in the game of football; each one is responsible for a specific part of the game. Understanding these positions and the responsibilities they have will help you to play the game with confidence and skill.

Defensive Skills

Every player on the field must know their basic defensive position, how to play as a defender and what their role is within the defense. This will give you a strong foundation to begin learning how to play the game and also help you develop your own strategies for defending the opponent’s offense.

Special Teams

The game of football is broken up into three parts, the offense, the defense and the special teams. The offense runs a series of plays that advance the ball down the field.

Each down is started by a snap which puts the ball in play. The center or long snapper hands the ball to a quarterback, holder, or punter.


The most important and valuable action in the game of football is a touchdown. A touchdown is scored when a ball is carried or caught while in the end zone and it is worth six points to the team who scores it. There are also special actions called extra-point conversions, which attempt to add one or two points to a team’s total score.