The Basics of Football


There are two primary types of football: American and Canadian. Both have their own unique rules and variations. American football involves two teams of 11 players playing on a rectangular field, with goalposts at each end. The offensive team tries to advance down the field by running with or passing the football while the defense tries to stop the offensive team’s advance and seize control of the ball. The game typically lasts for four quarters. A touchdown is scored when the offensive team’s first down is accomplished.

The offensive team has the ball and attempts to score points by gaining yards or converting field goals. In every scrimmage down, the offensive center will start with the ball. Once the offensive center snaps the ball, the quarterback runs with it or hands it off to the running back. When the quarterback has the ball, he can run with the ball or pass it to the running back to make a quarterback sneak. Both of these offenses can lead to a touchdown.

To stop the other team from scoring a touchdown, the offensive team must score a touchdown. The offensive team has four attempts to move the ball ten yards down the field. Failure to do so means that the offensive team must give the ball to the opposing team. The offense must score at least three touchdowns in a row to win. The game ends when a team fails to get its first down. This change of possession is known as a turnover on downs.