The Rules of Football


There are numerous ways to play Football. The most basic is by simply kicking the ball. This can be accomplished with a soccer ball. If a player manages to kick the ball and hit it with his hand, it is called a goal kick. The other method is called a hand ball. Each player is allowed two touches of the ball. It is a highly competitive sport and the best players play well together. However, there are some basic rules to know when you’re playing this sport.

The first official rules of the game were created in the early nineteenth century. The British were early supreme authority. The lawbooks, published in 1873, also incorporated imperial units. This caused fierce rivalry between the universities, which led to the formation of regional collegiate conferences. As the popularity of the sport grew, the university football team became a symbol of the school, as well as fostering interest in the game among alumni. The game was soon a major economic engine for colleges and universities.

The fundamental rules of football include a number of rules for each team. For example, if a player makes an illegal move, he may be penalized. The referee must make a decision regarding the penalty. Infractions of a rule will result in a penalty. Most penalties will move the ball towards the defense’s endzone. However, some defensive penalties will give the offensive team a first down. The officials will usually blow a whistle when this occurs.