What is Football?


Football is a game that involves two teams, an offensive team and a defensive team. The offensive team has 11 players and attempts to advance an ovoid ball towards the opponent’s goal post. Both teams attempt to score points by crossing the goal line. The defensive team, on the other hand, attempts to prevent the offensive team from making a touchdown. In order to win, the team with the ball must score more points than the other team, or it will forfeit possession of the ball.

A safety, which scores two points, occurs when a player touches the ground but does not get in the end zone. Alternatively, a team can score a touchdown when a player with the ball is tackled or runs out of bounds. A turnover, fumble, or interception can also result in points. An interception is when an opposing player regains possession of the football after it has been intercepted by the offensive team.

Fans of American Football may also enjoy the game for its competitiveness. Teams play games once a week and are intensely physical, requiring many hours of training and practice. Fans obsess over the last score of their team. The Super Bowl is considered one of the most watched events in the year, and is often televised to millions of people around the world. In addition, companies use the Super Bowl to debut new commercials. Despite its popularity, however, football is a popular sport in North America.