What Is Sports?


As the definition suggests, sports involve a competition or struggle between individuals or teams. These battles or games usually result in a winner and a loser. Inculcating the competitive spirit in individuals, sport helps people deal with conflict, setbacks, and defeat. But not all games and sports are considered sports.

The role of mass media in sports is often disputed. In some countries, such as the United States, sports are viewed as a source of national identity. As a result, some critics believe that sports should be regulated or monitored in some way to ensure their commercial value. These organizations may include governments, elite sports bodies, and fan organizations.

While the aesthetic element of sport survives in some forms, the focus in modern sports is primarily on quantifying achievement. One example of this change is the use of the word measure, which previously denoted a sense of proportion and balance. However, in the late 17th century, the word began to refer to numerical measurements.

Since the dissolution of the Soviet bloc, there has been a rise in competitiveness between wealthy and poor countries. This has fueled the creation of state-sponsored sports programs in Western nations. The competition is fiercer and the financial rewards are greater. As a result, poor nations often lose the best athletes to wealthy nations.